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Sextet baroque playing - dicembre 2014
El Prado, New Mexico, U.S.A.
November 3, 2009
" Hi Maurix, just wanted to let you know that I received "Alter". Thank you for sending that out. Such a wonderful, eclectic album. I played a set from it on last week's Celtic and Beyond show (10/28/2009) and got a great response. The switchboard especially lit up when I played the U2 song! What a great version it is. Keep up the great work and give my best to the rest of the band. Cheers, Kelly. "
Kelly Clement
Celtic and Beyond D.J.
FBA + Lidia e Magalì Meet the Fairies - Cassano 2009
El Prado, New Mexico, U.S.A.
July 6, 2008
" ... thank you for making such a wonderful music. I would love to receive more tunes from F.B.A. to share with my listeners here in Southwestern United States! I got many calls when I played "Till the sky shall fall" and I put a link to your home page... Give my regards to the band and keep up the great work. Cheers, Kelly. "
Kelly Clement
Celtic and Beyond D.J.
Capodanno Celtico Milano - Samonios 2008
Kyoto, Japan
September 27, 2007
"hoho bun no suimyou" ................................................... Arigato.
Masao Tonari
Meet the Fairies - Santeramo 2007Dancin' with the Fairies
Vigo, Galizia, España
16 settembre 2007
"Vi sento da poco tempo seguendo il consiglio di un mio amico di Milano molto legato alla cultura dell'Insubria ed anche a quella dialettale, alla quale mi sono appassionata. Devo assolutamente dire che sono rimasta molto sorpresa dopo di aver ascoltato una vostra canzone in concerto: "Prijon forte". Quando l'ho ascoltata, la lingua mi è risultata troppo famigliare e ho pensato: galiziano? No, alcune parole non appartengono a questa lingua... Portoghese? No, per la pronuncia... Dopo mi sono accorta che la lingua di questa canzone è l'antico galiziano - portoghese e che il testo è di una Cantiga de Santa Maria di Re Alfonso X "el Sabio"... Mi fa molto piacere aver notato che anche fuori c'è gente che si interessa di queste cose. Bravi!!! Un saluto dalle terre celtiche spagnole"
Anahí Palacín Martínez
Celtic Days Ome 2007Bottonaga 2007
Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A.
May 26, 2006
"Hi Maurix, thank you again for the CD and update on your busy lives... Your music has definitely touched my soul and bring good energy when I play it! Say 'ciao' to Filippo... I hope to stay in touch..."
Lori Davis
On the same stage as Capercaillie - Samonios 2006Fleetwood beach 2004
Baston, Lincolnshire, GB
October 28, 2005
"Hello Alan (Jones) and any FBAs who may still be around: sincere thanks for putting on such a fantastic night for us at the Barn. I'm sure the festival in Ireland will be a memorable and great success. The quality of the musicianship and the good humour and vitality of the band was a joy. On behalf of everyone, I would like to wish you all the very best and we look forward to future visits in the not too distant future. Bon voyage!"
Alan Wood & Maggie
Barn Folk Club
Ostiano 2003
North Maleny, Queensland, Australia
September 9, 2004
"Thanks for a great Fylde.
Caro F.B.A., we had the best time playing with you guys at Fylde. We felt revitalised and excited about music after that lovely session. Thanks for the great time! We listened to your cd in our dodgy cd player in our van on the motorway, and it’s great music for driving to, very enjoyable. We hope you are enjoying your return to Italia, and perhaps we can have another session one day. Filippo, so glad you came up and talked to me, or I might have been to shy to join in. Roberto, Veronica, everyone, it was a pleasure. Grazie and lots of love."
Nicole and John from Cloustreet

Carpi 2003Minervino 2003

Atakpamé, Togo, Africa
24 Aout 2004
"Carissimi amici, un sincero e sentito Grazie a tutti voi per il concerto organizzato, il cui ricavato avete dato come offerta alla mia Missione insieme ai materiali scolastici. Vi porto nel cuore e nella preghiera. Tanti saluti dal Togo."
Jean Kokou Edoh (Don Giovanni)

Alnwick 2002Berwick upon Tweed 2002

Broadstairs, Kent, GB
August 13, 2002
"Thank you so much for your contribution. We could not have done it without you. Grazie tanto!"
Kim Headley
Broadstairs Folk Week Artistic Director

Capodanno Celtico Milano - Samonios 2002 Ethnica dancers - Samonios 2002

Alnwick, Northumberland, GB
August 9, 2002
"During the 2002 Festival of International Music Song & Dance, FereBandAperta provided excellent entertainment and were good ambassador for their Country. The committee would recommend them to any other festival organiser."
Jim Thompson

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